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My name is Mr Loop. Here I will help you to calculate your savings! By switching from wooden pallets to my stackable plastic pallets you will quickly see what "THE 40% EFFECT" can do for your business.

How high stacks do you load?

How many pallets du you have in your transport flow?


You will reduce your return transports
with VALUE pallet stacks per year or save
VALUE €/year.

Reduced storage space will save you €/year

Additionally, you will reduce the cost of repairs and wastage with
VALUE €/year

In total: VALUE €/year

Below you can see the reduced number of trucks
trucks with trailer
equals an environmetal saving of
Kg CO2/year

By storing more loop pallets per rented storage space you can reduce the number of stacks. Fill in the total number of pallet stacks stored at terminals below.

How many stacks with empty pallets?

What is the storage cost for each stack?
1 stack = 1m2

With more return pallets per stack you will have more cost-effective transports. This ultimately means fewer trucks on the road. Fill in your average transport distance to calculate the CO2 savings.

What is your average transport distance per year?

To save or forward the result
- fill in your own or your recipients data below

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